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“Well, the best thing you can say about a European rock & roll band is that they play with an authentic heart. The Gasoline Brothers didn’t just learn the lines, or copy the moves. They play with a kind of abandon that only REAL rock & rollers know, but they manage to do it with great wit, great melody, and great style…”
(Ken Stringfellow, The Posies)

The Gasoline Brothers are utterly lazy. They've kept silent for two years and now they expect us to be in awe about their new album Tsk!?


Well yes, simply because the new album is really awesome. Great pop tunes, catchy melodies, carefully layered harmonies come together on this logical and surprising successor to their 2006 debut Hm! The Gasoline Brothers have grown. And they know it. You will know it too.

The Gasoline Brothers made a stormy entrance into the Dutch pop scene in 2006. With their mix of indie, and old-fashioned rock'n'roll they stormed through the Dutch club scene, leaving a trail of raving reviews: “Quite phenomenal!” says legendary VPRO radio presenter Jaap Boots. “Great! Top notch power pop. Two spins and you'll sing along with every song!” commented leading Dutch music journal LiveXS.

That doesn't sound lazy. So after doing two years of really nothing, The Gasoline Brothers started working on the successor. One thing became immediately clear from these sessions: if they really have to work hard, things get done fast. With a passion. The second album was recorded and mixed in six days at Martijn Groeneveld's Mailmen Studio, where the atmosphere breathed magic.

Back in 2006, due to contractual obligations and creative differences the band members had to use nicknames. But there is nothing to be ashamed of and everyone has a right to know that The Gasoline Brothers are Roel Jorna (vocals/guitar/keys), Mathijs Peeters (guitar/vocals), André Wierenga (bass/keys/vocals) en Léon Geuyen (drums/vocals). And by the way, they're from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Tsk! is released by My First Sonny Weissmuller and distributed by Konkurrent. Release date: October 5, 2009. Prior to the album, the single Psychosomatic Heart Failure is released in September.

The Gasoline Brothers do expect us to be in awe about their new record. Simply because Tsk! is a great album.


Download There it goes (for Koos)
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